Another blog, but MY blog.


Welcome to my blog. Like many bloggers, social media enthusiasts, people that work, I’ve had blogs for promoting stores, products, events. Those were fulfilling when you saw people joining in and enjoying, but for me, it was always still a job. This blog is created completely as a personal project, not only to share with others, but as a repository of links to sites, lists of organizations, reminders of  the myriad of things I like and would like to know more about. Most posts will center on topics within/around San Francisco because I live here and am still enamored with it after decades, but as I’ve found, once you start becoming interested in a topic, it takes you way beyond that one thing. So, this is truly a variety store blog.

The world is a big oyster and I hope this blog will help me remember where I put the shells.

Empress Norma

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