Plant ID is very difficult. The end.


Plant ID is very difficult. The end. Because of my newfound hobby of going outside during daylight hours and my late blooming love for the outdoors, I won’t give up so easily.  With the help of a few guide books and some trustworthy internet sites for cross-reference, I think I’ve got one pegged. It’s Yarrow!

My beginners notes: Name: Yarrow, Achillea millefolium, in the Aster family. Has five white petals with a creamy center and feathery fern-like leaves.  Grows to about 3′. The flowers and leaves have been used to treat many different ailments over centuries but is most commonly used today in production of fine beers.

I’m 99% sure of this ID because it is a distinctive plant and I’ve looked at over 5 vetted guides that describe what I saw. But with that said I could’ve have done better at documenting the characteristics of the plant.

I made myself a check list with a few things to note next time I’m out looking.

Height and width of whole plant

Height of flowering part

Whole flowering head color, size, shape, connection to the stem, scent when whole and crushed

Petal quantity, color, size, shape

Stamen, pistil, stigma size, shape, quantity

Leaf color, size, shape, scent when whole and crushed

Stem color, size shape, texture, hollow or filled in

Branching patterns on stem

Leaf attachment pattern

Is the plant just blooming or is it wilting

Where it’s growing

When it’s growing

What’s growing around it

What have I forgotten?

Why do I care what plant it is?

It’s just a bit of fun and knowledge of the world directly around us.


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