Noir Light

There is a lot of noir in San Francisco. Not only what’s on its fog stained surface, but in its raw, marrow filled bones. The gold digging hooligans and glassy-eyed dames that worked these streets suffered to make it what it is, they suffered big time in this little city. The darkness, rankness and seething rage coursing through the …

Who am I kidding, I’m no Dashiell Hammett. I’m just a hack blog writer with a penchant for Trader Joe’s nut mix and a middling vodka martini. But I can say I am a connoisseur, and a devotee, of noir light. I’m not a black and white, heavy shadows only type of noir lover. I appreciate that look, but I see much more as noir.


Lauren Bacall’s character’s apartment in Dark Passage, atop Telegraph Hill, with dappled light of day is mesmerizing. This light takes me right back to the movie which was set mostly at night.


In Sutro Heights park on an overcast day, an empty path is full of possibilities and melancholy. Do you hear footsteps?


A warm glow from a well designed light at Tadich Grill  is perfection. A warm place for the anti-hero to have a shot and a respite from the harsh streets. If only the world were lit like this.

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  1. The noir of San Francisco provides the perfect habitat for the the growth of poisonous plants. Perhaps you will find some in your urban explorations. Oh, wait…


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