It’s Mushroom Time in San Francisco, Well Almost

Can you believe it’s almost fall? Another season has drifted by, one day flowing into another without much notice, until you start hearing people talk about Christmas gifts and how to Hygge this year. Is Hygge-ing still in? Or is there a new trend? 

It disturbs me a little bit that time flies by so quickly, but then I think prime mushroom viewing season is coming soon and I perk up. I pulled up some of my favorite mushroom pictures from the past few years to get in the mood and get my mushroom eyes back in shape.

Noid mush 4

The variety of mushrooms in Golden Gate Park alone is amazing. All these mushrooms are from just one end of the park.

Noid mush 3

Noid mush 7

I have a few mushroom identification books, but by far the most useful one for me in Northern California is Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast by Christian Schwarz and Noah Siegel. Even with this more localized guide, I still have only identified a few mushrooms, but it’s fun trying.  Mushroom talk by Christian Schwarz


The mushroom above is a red-cage mushroom, the Clathrus Ruber from the stinkhorn family. It’s fascinatingly gruesome looking.

I’ve also seen some impressive looking birds while out mushroom hunting. This one looked like a cartoon villain with its masked face.

When I see these, I say “Turkey Tail” like I know what I’m talking about. Then I laugh because I now know how hard it is to identify mushrooms.  Turkey tail?


Just beautifully simple.


Thanks for reading! Please share if you like.

Empress Norma

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