San Francisco Hikes – Just a Few Beauties

The first walk of the year on the Presidio’s Batteries to Bluffs trail did not disappoint. The air was filled with sweet scents and birdsongs. Unlike last year there was no hemlock yet, but lots of flowers and other things I’ve seen for years and never tried to ID. This year I felt compelled to look them up. If anyone wants to correct or educate me, please feel free. I find that identifying plants online and with books is not particularly easy and I’m never satisfied that I have it right.

Amazing views from this trail.
Bush morning glory and a blackberry blossom.
Serpentinite and small Ceanothus.
Ceanothus (Ceanothus thyrsiflorus). Ceanothus is Latin for thistle. Also known as California Lilac.
Fencepost lizard.
Burmuda buttercup, (oxalis pes-caprae). Oxalis is Greek for “sour.”
Blue eyed grass blossom and mushroom.
Seaside daisy (Erigeron glaucus). Erigeron is Greek for “an old man in the spring.”
California poppies and tags.

Thanks for looking,

Empress Norma

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