Log of Old-Timey/Noir Talk

Old-timers talking at the cafe: “Hey, you see that hahrah film? That byoo-di-ful pungkin really went through the warsher.” Ah, a lovely dialect slowly disappearing into obscurity. I had a neighbor many years ago who was a salty old dog and he talked the old-timey way. I wish I had been a word collector back then, I would’ve recorded him. But he’s been gone some time now, so I rely on noir movies for my old-timey word supply now. Half the fun of those movies is in the language.

“Let’s get outta here, this joint’s sow-ah.”

There’s great old-timey talk in Kiss of Death, 1947, with Richard Widmark playing the psychopathic Tommy Udo.

My word collection so far:

Hah-rah for horror

Warsh for wash

Byoo-di-ful for beautiful

Pung-kin for pumpkin

Waur-der for water

Muss-cull for muscle

It-lee for Italy

Pur-dee for pretty

Dung-kee for donkey

Sow-ah for sour

Yu-man for human

Sam-wich for sandwich

Lie-berry for library

to be continued

Wilmer Cook (Elisha Cook Jr.): “Keep on riding me and they’re going to be picking iron out of your liver.”

Sam Spade (Humphrey Bogart): “The cheaper the crook, the gaudier the patter.”

From the Maltese Falcon

Empress Norma

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