Mushrooms of San Francisco 1

Golden Gate Park is a mushroom wonderland.  The variety I’ve seen in just the last three years since spotting my first one is surprising. I haven’t been able to identify most of them even with the aid of a few books. I have read that only a small percentage of mushrooms have been identified. Thousands more have yet to be categorized and named. I have given nicknames to some, mostly friendly descriptive names that I can use for my own reference.  My favorite though, the Clathrus Ruber, is unmistakable. I do not eat any of them!

Noid mush 22
Well hello there Hot Lips
Noid mush 21
Little plumpers

Noid mush 20

Noid mush 14

Noid mush 16
I think I’ve eaten these in Chinese food. Grass mushrooms?



Noid mush 19Noid mush 18

Noid mush 17
I see a lot of these and they are always different colors
Clathrus ruber
Clathrus ruber
Clathrus ruber pre-burstage
Clathrus ruber pre-burstage
Noid mush 27
Big stumpy plumpers
Noid mush 28
Very flat on top
Noid mush 29
Noid mush 24
Red hat

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