Digging Under the House 1

One good thing about having a somewhat un-renovated house is that you find good old trash tucked in the walls and corners of your basement. Good looking artifacts from another time. To some, crinkled up cards and old bottle caps crusted with dirt are trash, but it’s pure treasure to me. Some of the finds tell a tale of our building being used as a clubhouse for many decades for two do-it-yourself social groups from 1910s through the 1940s. Lots of dances organized by these enterprising young people, with admissions of $.50 for a couple and $.25 for an extra lady. Fun stuff to sort through and follow up with a little research. I want to know about the people who slept where we sleep and ate where we eat.


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  1. Dear Empress Norma,
    Have you thought of having a séance to find out more about the souls how slept where you slept and ate where you ate? I am certain there is an abundance of paranormal activity occurring without the current occupants being aware.
    Keep digging.
    kaidansan (Mr Ghost Story)


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