Forest Shower on Mount Sutro in San Francisco

Place: Mount Sutro

Time Visited: Thursday, 1pm

Crowds: Just a few people in one group and one mountain bike rider

Lunch: Arizmendi’s very reasonably priced pizza slice of the day, a cheese roll and any of their sweet baked goods! Arizmendi Bakery

Link: Hiking Mt. Sutro

Great place to go if you need some crunch of dirt underfoot, tall trees, and moist air and you can’t get out of town.




Do you see it? The winter storms must have uncovered it.
A great view from one of the trail heads.

The summit is drier and is a nice place to have lunch, hang out and get some sun. The whole mountain is not huge. If you are meandering it would take about 1/2 hour to get to the summit. It is a pretty easy hike with only a few slippery inclines when it has rained.

A vacation in the city.

Empress Norma

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