Shitty Walks?

Place: Mt. Tamalpais, Pantoll trailhead For in-depth info, check out Bay Area Hiker Trail chosen: Bootjack - There are many trails to choose from at Pantoll trailhead Time: 11:00am, Thursday Lunch: Cheddar and Swiss cheese sandwich on dutch crunch bread with chipotle and aioli spread, potato salad, water Trail dessert: M and Ms Difficulty: Pretty easy going,... Continue Reading →

Mushrooms of San Francisco 1

Golden Gate Park is a mushroom wonderland.  The variety I've seen in just the last three years since spotting my first one is surprising. I haven't been able to identify most of them even with the aid of a few books. I have read that only a small percentage of mushrooms have been identified. Thousands more have... Continue Reading →

Another blog, but MY blog.

  Welcome to my blog. Like many bloggers, social media enthusiasts, people that work, I've had blogs for promoting stores, products, events. Those were fulfilling when you saw people joining in and enjoying, but for me, it was always still a job. This blog is created completely as a personal project, not only to share with others, but as... Continue Reading →

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